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Running in Austin

A great break from our hectic world took us to Austin for a nice,¬†long weekend. We were so fortunate to meet up with some old friends for dinner and dessert, have a great evening of laughs, drinks, and THE best doughnuts created by mankind. My husband and I were able to spend several days in a tucked away space, backed up to a hummingbird garden. We took hikes, explored restaurants, and had our second honeymoon. After three kids, you don’t realize how nice it is to relax & enjoy doing nothing…like read a book.

The first day my run ended up being in the gym because we completely slept in. And in Texas humidity, I wasn’t sure I wanted to run in 80 degree weather. This morning however, I was able to run on some of the trails and routes that surrounded the property. After swallowing more gnats than I needed to for my daily protein intake (thanks for telling me they’re full of protein, Dad) I decided to run around the golf course. I came across only one other runner, but we said to each other, “Kind of a short path, huh?”. It was about a 3 mile loop. You know you’re a runner, when…?

A great dinner by the fire. A nice bottle of Riesling. Back at the hotel room to chillax with my Lover, and we turn on the tube and see an interview with Gene Simmons. (Note to the reading crowd: I know near nothing about good ol’ Rock ‘n’ Roll, but I do know who Gene Simmons is.) The interview was insanely real. He talked about his life growing up during the war in Germany, and the trials his mother and family went through. He is ridiculously intelligent (hard to believe, I know), but something he said struck me more than anything else. He was talking about his mother and the first time he showed her his first $1m check. Her response,¬†“Wonderful! Wonderful! Now, what are your going to do?”

Wonderful! Wonderful! You’ve just finished a great workout…gotten your dream job…created something new…

Now, what are you going to do?


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