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(Best read if listening to Pickwick…or Wheeler Brothers.)

A whirlwind week. An overwhelming amount of work. An 18 hour Friday. But, today is Saturday. And I’m sitting here reveling in the aftermath of an incredible morning.

It all started with the sunrise. Why? Because I’m never in bed still when the sun rises. Not this morning. This morning, I was in bed. Awake. Taking my time watching the sun come through the curtains. And things just got better from there.

Shoes laced. Sunglasses poised to greet the morning in all of its brilliance. A gentle breeze. Warm air. The sound of silence. I was in no hurry. I knew I wanted to take a road less traveled. Limited human interaction. Nothing but nature.

My thoughts wandered. My soul connected with the earth; my spirit. The simple was exquisite. The warm dirt smelled of freedom. The mountains glittered with warmth as sunbeams bounced off of snow capped peaks.

Maybe it’s because Pickwick had my beat. Maybe it’s because I finally gave in to the world that awaited me to visit. Maybe, it’s just…because.

So, I ran.


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