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To run or not to run…

After a complete loss of sleep the night before last, I finally zonked into dreamland at about 7:30 last night. I don’t recall having heard a single thing, so when asked how I slept by my husband the only response I had was “I guess good. I don’t remember anything.”

This morning’s run was only 5 miles, but my head just wasn’t in the game. I started making excuses (you know how that goes). “I can run 8 tomorrow, and 4 on Friday and I’ll still have my mileage in for the week. I need my sleep because I’m trying to catch up from the night before.” But truth be told, I wasn’t tired at all. I just didn’t have the motivation to lace up my shoes.

I hopped online to check out the weather because I knew snow was headed our way, and bitter temps in the single digits. After seeing that it was 42 degrees and clear, the deal was sealed. I have to run this morning. Who knows what tomorrow will have in store. Nothing like running 8 miles in four degree temps, with slippery snow to deal with. Moreso, I knew my coach would kick my ass if I ran 8 tomorrow instead of staying on track. Was it worth that conversation? Probably not. So, out the door I went thinking the whole 5 miles about whether or not I should have just stayed inside and taken the day or if I should stick with the plan.

My feet hurt. My bones felt tired. I still wasn’t sure if I should have stayed or gone – but I went. The run was done. I’m ready for Thursday and mostly happy I don’t have to do 8 miles…in the snow and single digits.


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