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This morning’s run brought with it a milder morning in the dead of Colorado Winter, as well as a strange encounter with a friendly neighbor. I was smack in the middle of a hard tempo workout, with eyes set and mind focused on pace and form that it wasn’t until I was crossing the road did I look up and lo’ and behold there was a man standing in the road with his dog. I was caught a bit off guard (note to self), but still acknowledged him with a hearty “Good morning”. As a female runner you’re always cautioned about running in the dark…alone…on back country roads…(I made the Corridor Newspaper for this one). The man replied with a “Good morning”, quickly followed by “You know, walking is easier”.

You know when you have so much to say you just don’t know where to begin? After collecting my thoughts all I said to myself with a smile was, “Yeah, but Boston’s more fun”. Who cares what’s easy? That’s what we do and what society has trained us to be like ever since I can recall. Let’s make things easier with our fast food joints, our remote controls, and our no-lose mentality. Let’s not let ourselves discover failure, heaven forbid we allow our children to fail. Yes, I said allow them to fail. If they don’t know what it feels like to fail, they’ll never know what it feels like to succeed. They’ll also never know what it feels like to work through failure and to learn to seek help and guidance from others.

Take a step back. Look at your life and determine where you want to do more than just “take it easy”. What do you really want to excel in? What is it that you wish you could do and have never accomplished?

My challenge to you is to not simply take it easy. Are you up for it? After all, we are created in His image.

I praise you for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. ~ Psalm 139:14


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