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Getting workouts in during the winter months for most is dreadful. I have not enjoyed this winter…AT ALL, but I’ve gotten done what I needed to only to be punished with an inflammed IT band. There’s nothing quite like being sidelined from running to ruin your day, week, month. It’s aggrevating, frustrating, depressing, just to name a few. Running in the early morning hours was the one thing I could give to myself and now I’m forced to sit it out and wait.

I knew it was bad last week when I couldn’t get my pace up and felt my leg and knee tighten and cramp up so badly it didn’t matter how many times I stopped to stretch, I couldn’t seem to shake it loose. No luck. I became that crazy runner girl sitting on the side of the road in Orlando screaming “Come on!” and crying her eyes out while cars zipped by, probably wondering what kind of psychotic episode was taking place. But I was in Florida and it was warm! I couldn’t lose warm running weather to injury. On my own accord (which is progress in and of itself) I took the next day off hoping that it would be better. Still, no luck. After reinforcement from my coach that I needed to take off a few extra days, I obliged. I thought to myself, “I don’t want to injure myself further and lose even more running time.”

I was able to run a few miles on Sunday and it felt great! No worries at all and I was happy to be back on the road. Then, Monday came and I felt it twinge again as I was running up a hill. Seriously? So, again I’m told to take time off and let it heal. As much as I want to get out on the road and run, I’m more worried about not getting better and having it become an injury that taunts me for longer than the immediate future. So I will put my selfishness aside for a few weeks and learn to take it easy. I’ve seen a massage therapist, scheduled an appointment with a physical therapist, didn’t run this morning (again, progress) and am determined to abide by this part of my training plan as much as I do the actual running part.

Am I pissed? You bet. Am I depressed? A little. But most of all I’m thankful for the feedback and advice that’s been given to me and I’m hopeful that I will be back on the road again soon.

So, here’s your running mantra for the next two weeks…

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…run for me, ‘k?

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It’s day two of the New Year and many of the New Year’s resolutions have already been postponed until tomorrow. Ah, the infamous “tomorrow”. The good thing is it will always be there…but it never arrives. So, it’s time to get real. Why do we always wait until the right time, which for many is still that non-existent tomorrow? We’re not being honest with ourselves. We’re not giving ourselves the truth we deserve ~ that today is the day that matters. You’re worth more than that. You’re worth the time it takes to plan a run, or get some quiet time to yourself. Why is it that we always wait for the perfect time? What is it exactly that makes…time…perfect?

I get it. Trust me. It’s hard to be honest sometimes because we have to tell ourselves things that can feel like a punch to the gut and can take the wind right out of our sails. Has someone ever told you something that was so brutally honest that it made you mad, yet at the same time grateful? Why do you think that is? It’s because the truth is so rare and hard to come by that it often times is welcomed and refreshing, yet at the same time we’re just really not quite sure what to do with it.

So, here it is ~ plain and simple. Stop lying to yourself and tell yourself you’re worth an hour a day when the other 23 are spent giving to the world around you. Are you listening? We tend to feel that we’re being selfish because we want to leave everything behind for a quick (or long) run, or a chance to spend alone with our thoughts, or some time to talk with friends and those we love. Responsibilities will always be there. We will always come back to them, but for now let’s get real and let’s be honest enough with ourselves and let those around us do the same.


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Lean on Me

Sometimes we find ourselves in the middle of life trying to do it all alone. There are times when we need someone else to lean on though. We need that person to help guide us through, give us feedback, and tell us to “snap out of it”. A friend of mine is running the Leadville 100 and the pacing information the race provides gives a lot of insight into life itself. There are instructions on how to lead, follow, get out of the way, be encouraging, be stern; all things we need someone to do for us at times.

I’m the worst at asking for help. I tend to withdraw and hide away when I need help the most. If no one can hear me or see me, then no one will ask and I can sort through life and try to figure things out on my own. But I will admit that I am grateful for the person that steps in and says “It’s time to let me help you”. I’ve always been a very independent person and have always felt that my successes and my failures should rely solely on my shoulders. Life is beginning to teach me along the way. It’s okay to ask for help. It’s okay to ask for feedback. It is not a sign of weakness, but a sign of strength when we can push our independent egotistical selves aside and seek someone to lean on.

As runners there are other runners that we can lean on. We look to them for motivation and inspiration. We look to our coaches to pull on the reigns and make us check in and give them feedback. We need family members to help watch kids so we can escape the chaos and run free on back country roads, and we need people to sometimes just say “Good job”. But as much as we need these people in our lives, they need the same from us.

So, as all of you have made your New Year’s resolutions and are determined by every force of nature to stick to them, know that it is okay to ask for help. Know that there is someone you can lean on and someone who needs you to lean on as well. Life can toss us back and forth and sometimes we just need something to steady ourselves against to keep going.

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.”  ~ Albert Einstein

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