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The past several months have landedme in a variety of cities from San Francisco, to Nashville, to San Diego, Orlando, and most recently Seattle. It’s been a whirlwind of traveling that has left me (I’ll admit) a bit tired. Each new city brings with it a new challenge to my running routine. Those that know me best know I prefer to run the same route most mornings and typically don’t stray too far from the norm. I like consistency. I enjoy knowing where I’m heading and what I can expect. Running in new cities (and not on back country roads) puts a bit of anxiety on something I’ve relied on to actually do quite the opposite. I have found that I have yet to be disappointed by a run in a new city, no matter how far out of my comfort zone I become. San Francisco brought breathtaking views of the Golden Gate Bridge, and an orientation to a beautiful running path. San Diego brought a beautiful marina run that gave endless views of harbor life. Orlando brought much needed warm with flora and fauna. Nashville brought a unique set of challenges that included heat, humidity, but the chance to strengthen my running base. My first run in Seattle brought with it a greater view of the city and exploration of new grounds.

I started out this morning not really sure which direction to take, other than to head toward the waterfront. I’ve learned that most waterfront cities lack no running grounds along the water’s edge. I didn’t bother with starting my watch until I got out of the city blocks (I’ve learned my lessons with stop and go running in the city thanks to San Francisco) and found my way to the water front, not really certain whether going right or left would provide the best views. I headed left and quickly noticed I was on a very industrial section of land. I thought about turning around and heading the other direction but thought I would check out the path I’d chosen to see how far it went. After a couple of miles it dead-ended so I turned around and headed the other way. There wasn’t anything spectacular about my run, other than I figured out a way to get it done in a city I’d never visited. Rural running is vastly different from running in the city, and acclimating to road traffic, foot traffic, tourists, etc., can be challenging and albeit a bit frustrating but I’ve learned to take on new cities with new approaches and use it as an opportunity to do a little extra sight seeing. Looking back I’ve gained confidence by running in new territories and have learned to adapt my running to my environment. I can only hope that by doing so I’m just better preparing myself for Boston and running in yet another new place.

Sometimes it’s not just about logging the miles, but rather enjoying the views, sights, and sounds along the way. Get out and try something new. Spread your wings and stop and smell the roses once in a while. Add a little inconsistency to the consistent conundrum of life and enjoy the challenges of adaptation. I think tomorrow I’ll head right…


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